Awesomeness wanted

Awesomeness Wanted!

We’re looking for new members to join our Dream Team!

Wait Staff Responsibilities

  • Presenting a variety of menu options
  • Advising on the best food and drink choices for each customer and answering questions
  • Taking orders and delivering them to the table deftly and accurately

Job brief

We are looking for professional Wait Staff to serve meals and drinks to the patrons of our business.

Ultimately, you should be able to ensure customer satisfaction and augment our establishment’s reputation.


  • Show customers to their seats and present our variety of menu options
  • Advise on the best food and drink choices for each customer and answer questions
  • Take orders and deliver them to the table deftly and accurately
  • Attend to the tables and guarantee compliance to cleanliness standards
  • Check the quality of the final servings and resolve any issues
  • Accept payment
  • Work with other staff as a team
  • Work diligently to achieve outstanding service quality


  • Ability to build relationships with colleagues and customers and ensure mutual satisfaction
  • Customer-oriented and planning skills
  • Working knowledge of cash register and any ordering information system
  • Outstanding people skills
  • Patient and friendly with demonstrated experience in problem solving
  • Good physical condition

If you think this is a good fit for your, please submit your CV to

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  1. Hi I am looking to join you as I am in need of a job in 16 years old my name is Jamie leach and recent jobs I’ve worked at JD sports, a cafe And a chip shop. I am wanting to join you as I would like to try something new and would love to find out how interested and how happy I could be if I could join your team. Please get back to me on our 07506619356 as I am able to join you as soon as possible and I can work any hours. Thank you Jamie leach.

  2. I saw this job on indeed i’m wondering if you are still accepting.
    Would be a great if you are still taking people in.

    1. Hi Chris, thank you for comment. We’re not currently hiring anyone at the moment. Keep checking back for updates.


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